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Tarot is magical, it is fun, entertaining, healing and a powerful guide; all at the same time. Sandra is available to work with you privately on career, business, relationships and your life vision. 

Intuitive coaching using tarot is transformational.  It is an exciting modality to help you realize your full potential and allow you to remember who you were at your perfect equilibrium. Together you will utilize the tarot to identify goals, consider possible blocks, make needed shifts and develop a plan to achieve them. Intuition is magical.  

"Tarot with Nonna" are subscription classes, courses and workshops designed to help children and beginners learn the art of tarot, cartomancy, divination, intuition and grow their self-confidence while having fun.  

My Approach

12 Magic Nights of Rauhnächte Masterclass 


The winter solstice is the beginning of a period called Rauhnächte, a Northern European tradition, that is shrouded in myths, and beautiful rituals.


Be curious. Explore the magic, rituals and traditions of the winter solstice and the 12 Magic Nights of Rauhnächte, as we review the prior year, and use the tarot to help guide us in anticipation of the year to come!

Lets Stay in Touch

Life and follow Sandra's Facebook,  Instagram, ThreadsLinkedin, Twitter and Pinterest pages for upcoming dates and details of the next masterclass and annual retreat.  

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