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In addition to one-on-one tarot card readings, Sandra provides intuitive business coaching, transformative individual coaching sessions and past life sessions.  She also hosts Rauhnächte - 12 Magic Nights - Winter Solstice masterclasses, workshops and the Tarot with Nonna program for beginning tarot enthusiasts.  Like and follow on social media for upcoming dates and event schedules.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Book a session

  • Sessions are being conducted virtually via Zoom.

  • Incredibly, there is no difference in quality between an in-person session or a remote session, as Sandra’s ability to interpret the Tarot is undiminished, and she is able to relay that information to you via the video connection.

  • Sandra will never DM you on any social media platform to solicit readings.  Beware of scam social media accounts who contact you.  

About your reading

  • All readings are conducted in English despite host country location.

  • You do not need to do anything to prepare for the session.

  • However, if you’d like to set some intentions around what you’d like to discover or understand more fully, it doesn’t hurt to set that into motion pre- reading.

  • During your reading Sandra will interpret information from the Tarot to share with you.

  • You will have the opportunity throughout your session to ask questions.

  • Your private reading will always be kept confidential.

  • You are welcome to take notes during the reading.

  • Recordings, photographs and or posting to social media platforms are not permitted.

  • The use of speakerphone during your session is not permitted.

Locations, pricing & payment

  • Virtual sessions are via Zoom or phone.

  • Forms of payment options include PayPal, Zelle and cash.

  • Payment is processed at the time of your booking up front.

  • Within 48 hours of a booking you’ll receive email confirmation of with your booking details

Cancellation & refund policy 

  • If a client cancels within 48 hours of a scheduled session, they will be responsible for the full amount of the appointment.

  • Sessions with Sandra are considered digital goods & services and there are no refunds or exchanges.

Important Information

  • Please note all readings are simply a guide. You always have free will and can make any changes in your life that you wish.

  • During a reading Sandra will not give specific health, legal or financial advice.

  • A reading does not compel you to take specific action it only makes suggestions. These suggestions should be weighed up along with other known information in regard to your specific situation.

  • Sandra treats all of her clients as intelligent adults that are able to use their common sense. Readings are for entertainment purposes only and how you respond to the information given during a reading is entirely your responsibility.

  • Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a reading, product or service.

Contact information

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