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Tarot is a powerful tool that helps us make intuitive connections while obtaining clarity about a situation. This combined with the  archetypal imagery and the metaphors of the tarot opens us up to insights while providing us with an opportunity to transform and grow.  Tarot coaching is truly transformational.

About Sandra

Tarot Master, Transformational Coach

Sandra is an intuitive, advanced tarot reader and a transformational guide.

She uses the tarot and a combination of modalities to provide practical guidance that supports individuals in achieving their most desired outcomes and goals in life.  Her process also adds in elements of numerology and astrology into her sessions.  


The cards, coupled with her intuitive gifts, bring a positive and realistic approach to each reading and coaching session. 

Video Testimonial

Richard Knight

Tarot Master, Psychic, Medium, Healer



Sandra travels for private in-person tarot readings and coaching sessions. For travel consideration or other inquires kindly submit the form below:

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